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      Covenants  7-Pages  pdf  

  Resolving issues and the role of the Bramblewood Homeowners Association

  There have been several incidents recently where homeowners have contacted a board member and requested that the board do something about a perceived violation of the covenants occurring on their neighbor's property.

We believe that it is very important that everyone abides by the existing regulations, thus ensuring the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood and also ensuring that the quality of the community remains at the highest level so that the existing and future homeowners will maintain and enjoy a pride of ownership and the many rewards of belonging to a strong community.

Because of the way the original homeowners structured the association, membership is voluntary, although the covenants and restrictions apply to all regardless of membership status. Whenever a resident notices a condition that they believe is creating a negative image for their home or the neighborhood their immediate reaction is somewhat emotionally. The first impulse seems to be that the discussion should be delegated to someone else. Unfortunately, we all are all in this together and none of us wants to be the bad guy, especially since the trustees and board members of the Homeowners Association are already giving of their valuable personal time as volunteers. The other thing we need to remember is that we need to talk 'with' each other, not 'to' each other.

The goal and mission of the association is to promote the general welfare of the residents.
We do this by:

1. Maintaining the entry ways so that they keep a good appearance.
2. Promoting a strong sense of pride of ownership in the community.
3. Educating the residents regarding the covenants and restrictions controlling their properties.
4. Encouraging residents to maintain their property and comply with the covenants.
5. Encourage neighbors to be genuine neighbors and not just adjoining property owners.
6. Welcome new residents to Bramblewood and introduce the BHA.

One way we as a community and we as trustees of the Bramblewood Homeowners Association can make this happen is by encouraging neighbors to resolve differences among themselves through open and honest communication. This type of discussion is more likely to be effective coming from a next-door neighbor than from someone else. We as trustees do not have enforcement authority for the covenants. We encourage good neighbor-to-neighbor living.

In circumstances where neighbors may not be able to reach agreement on a property maintenance issue, an alternate solution exist. Miami Township has developed a Property Maintenance Code and has the appropriate enforcement authority.

We encourage you to report your concern using their online reporting form.

If online reporting is not possible you may contact the Director, Louis Ethridge or the inspector Jim Brockman at 513-248-3731.

6101 Meijer Drive
Milford OH, 45150
PHONE: (513) 248.3731
FAX: (513) 248.3730

We as homeowners want our community to maintain its desirable reputation so that we can enjoy our homes while we are here and also know that there will be willing buyers for our homes when we are ready to move on.

Help us help you. We want to win enthusiastic cooperation, instead of mere compliance. As Thomas Edison told us, "If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." Thank you for your support.

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