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Bramblewood Homeowners Association Privacy Statement

The Bramblewood Homeowners Association respects your privacy and will not share your personal
information with anyone except as listed below. The information about Bramblewood residents is intended for the residents of Bramblewood and is not to be distributed outside of Bramblewood, not to be used for business and not to be used beyond the intended purpose.
Information we collect.

Currently, we collect personally identifiable information such as name, address and phone number for use in the Bramblewood Neighborhood Directory. This information is shared with other Bramblewood residents in the form of the Bramblewood Neighborhood Directory.

We also collect your name and e-mail address when you subscribe to the Bramblewood email distribution system. Your e-mail address will be used only by BHA to distribute e-mail advisories to the neighborhood. It will not be published in the BHA directory, sold or otherwise provided to anyone outside of the BHA Board for any reason.

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The Bramblewood e-mail advisory system are messages sent to Bramblewood residents that either originate from the Miami Township SafetyNet or other messages we deem necessary to keep you informed about issues effecting Bramblewood and your over all safety. .

Your use of this web site means that you have read, accepted and agreed to this policy, and you
consent to the use of your personal information as set forth in this policy.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

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