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Dues Payment

2019 Bramblewood Maintenance Dues

Help keep Bramblewood an attractive place to live and maintain the investment in your home by paying your annual maintenance dues.

The dues have remained the same for the past 18 years at only $50/year/household.

These dues are used to pay for the entrance maintenance and utilities for both Price Road and Branch Hill Guinea Pike, decorative live plantings at entrances, lawn maintenance, and insurance, the web site, and entrance signs maintenance. The dues also help to support a small fund designated for any emergency repairs or replacements that might arise in the future.

Most of the entrances´┐Ż maintenance and grooming is provided voluntarily by BHA residents.

In an effort to maintain the current dues payment we will continue to produce the Bramblewood Directory available for download but no longer in a hard copy format. The directory is online at the web site in the login area. Visit us online at

You can make a payment online below or by clicking here and download a paper form.

Thank You

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